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Diari Rebana 1996
Dulu satu, kini dua.
Ya. Seingat aku bila aku tulis blog ini dulu, memang aku tak sangka masih boleh stay lama dengan blog ini. Walaupun kekadang bertahun lamanya tak update atau tulis sesuatu. Tak sangka aku masih gagah menulis diblog ini. Serius. Masih tak sangka blog ini masih wujud ke hari ini. Blog ini adalag legasi lama yang telah lama ditinggalkan. Apakah yang harus aku lakukan dengan blog ini pada fasa yang seterusnya? Terus menulis atau membiarkannya? Entahlah. Yang pasti, mungkin jadi peluru untuk senjata-senjata baru yang telah lama aku tulis selama ini. HAHA. Apapun, harap projek Spa Ampang dan juga projek Contoh Soalan Peperiksaan Penolong Penguasa Kastam W27 ini akan membantu aku meraih sedikit duit sampingan untuk menyambut hari raya tahun ini. Haha. Selamat hari raya Aidilfitri.

Into The Air
What a world,
what a world...

People need to stand up more for what's going on in Israel. No, people need to worry more about what is happening in their own country. No, people need to care more about the government. No, people need to pay closer attention to the animals! No, it's the children who need out help. No, there's domestic violence. That needs to stop! No, hunger. No, polution!No No NoIsn't it enough to just care and let other people care and do what we can for who we can.... People are always talking about what the real problem is.... Aren't they all real problems?----------split----------------------------I'm getting pretty close to finishing a painting I started a while ago. Let me know what you think. Especially if you have some constructive criticism.

Takdir Illahi
aku yang berdosa
Pejam celik. Pejam celik. Mata tidak juga bisa tutup. Memerhatikan segenap ruang bilik. Terpana pada jam di dinding. Sepantas jarum saat akhirnya pasti berhenti. Tatkala itu manusia pasti akan toleh ke belakang. Memikirkan tiap detik yang berlalu. Muhasabah. Dalam suka duka, mengenang dosa-dosa semalam. Hadir rasa kesal dan kesedihan mula melanda diri. Bila rasa bersalah hadir, rasa kehambaan juga turut hadir. Mencari Tuhan, mengingati Tuhan, menyebut-nyebut namaNya. Menghadirkan rasa bertuhan agar menyentap sanubari. "Ya Allah......hambaMu ini rasa berdosa. Terlalu. Terlalu banyak dosa." Maka berderailah air mata. Tidak tertahan-tahan lagi. Pada tangisan ia kembali kepada fitrah insani, mencari Tuhan tatkala rasa bersalah. Terlukis kerinduan hadir dari hati yang dihimpit perasaan ingin dibelai Tuhan. Oh Tuhan... Aku manusia biasa. Aku bukan malaikat. Manusia itu sering lupa dan leka. Gembira dengan kesenangan, sedih dengan kesusahan.... (more)

mood swings
in this relationship, at times i feel on top of the world, sometimes i feel rock bottom. at times i feel like it has made me a better person, at other times i feel that it basically can destroy me and makes me lose my identity and seem to take away what i hold dearly - my freedom, my time alone. in the past, i did not need to account to anyone things i did, i did not need to spare an extra thought for someone else's feelings, i did not need to do things that were against my wishes just so i would not hurt someone else. it becomes like i have think about more things, put him into consideration. feel like i need to share, feel like i am losing my personal space to be by myself. i don't like sharing. so when he asked me questions after questions, i feel annoyed. i don't feel the need to tell you about what happened in my life, what went on today, what i ate, etc etc. often i wonder, if i am suitable to even be in a relationship that requires two people to commit and communicate and... (more)

Daily Devotion
Climb Your Mountain With Jesus
Date: Tuesday, July 22, 2014 Today's Chapters: Isaiah 5-8 Message Title: Climb Your Mountain With Jesus I have never climbed a mountain, but I have climbed plenty of hills, and they can be pretty rough to climb. While no hill is probably as hard to climb as a mountain, the concept is still the same, an escalated climb going in the opposite direction to reach the top. Every day, saved, born again Christians are struggling to climb the mountain that they got themselves on, and many fall because even the strongest Christian can fall. Our salvation does not exempt us from the sin nature that we fight with until the day God brings us home, but God never forgets His children, His hand is still stretched out to help anyone climb their mountain and reach the top. “But if we walk in the light, as he is in the light, we have fellowship one with another, and the blood of Jesus Christ his Son cleanseth us from all sin. If we say that we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not... (more)

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